TATRAN - Shvat (Album)

Shvat (Album)

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TATRAN - Shvat

An Innovative instrumental guitar-bass-drums trio, presents its energetic hour-long debut album, packed with captivating short stories and abstract pictorial scenes. Tamuz Dekel’s profound, dazzling electric guitar joins Offir Benjaminov classical-funk hybrid, fat bass playing, and together with Dan Mayo’s unworldly grooves and enchanting drumming create a fascinating and moving musical phenomenon.

'Shvat' is a live, overdub free studio recording, capturing the band's virtuosic performances, vibrant with melodic compositions, composite extravagant arrangements, embedded with boundless dynamic improvisation, wrapped in mesmerizing grooves and unique approach to sound. This album revives the dynamic and spirited vibes as well as the intimate atmosphere which one can only experience in a truly uplifting live performance.